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Posted by sauzysiva on Aug 21, 2011

Dual core mobiles will start 2 hit d world wen honeycomb version comes into play wil it affect d xperia series with single core like xperia ray, neo etc which support 2.3.3 so that they will b halted with 2.3.3 and not moving to 3.0????

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2 storm13 on Aug 22, 2011
Level 2 Or get a Google (soon to be Motorola) phone. That's a guarantee you'll get to the latest OS updates, I think.
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4 sauzysiva on Nov 22, 2011
Level 1 but everything is paid feature in wp
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5 I.P.K. on Nov 24, 2011
Level 7 Xperia Arc will be updated up to ice cream sandwich :)
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6 sauzysiva on Dec 24, 2011
Level 1 am gonna buy lumia 800 dude.... :)
1 ChiX017 on Aug 21, 2011
Level 2 Y dont U use a Windows 7 phone, that are future proof like Iphone but not as strict. Do som research if you would like it. Instead of the fragmentation of andriod.

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