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Sony Ericsson Questions & Answers

want to buy android smartphone.

Posted by swapzp on Feb 04, 2012

is sony ericsson xperia mini pro worth buying?......if not then suggest me other android smartphone that having primary camera of 5MP LED flash and secondary camera.

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1 DaddyChicken on Feb 05, 2012
Level 5 It appears from your choice of phone, and comments that camera will be an important feature to you as well as physical keyboard? If I used that as key must have's, then I would urge you to bypass the SE mini pro, and look at the Samsung captivate glide. It has a much better hardware setup, dual core 1gb ram, physical keyboard, and an 8mb camera that shoots a great picture. It basically is a Galaxy S2 with a physical keyboard. (More or less.) Sony also is slow with updates to their devices, especially compared to Samsung.

If keyboard isn't important to you, and you could do with a touch screen device with a nice camera, look at the iphone 4 or 4s. iPhones have great cameras, simple interface. If you want a great android phone without keyboard and with a great camera, look at the Samsung Galaxy S2, or the Motorola RAZR. Motorola hasn't been known for its cameras on their devices, but the RAZR is a considerable step up, and a real winner. Plus the screen is huge and makes using the onscreen keyboard quite usable.
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2 swapzp on Feb 05, 2012
Level 1 but my budget is 14k

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