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SLI/Crossfire vs single high-end video card?

Posted by I.P.K. on Apr 18, 2012

Hi guys, I have a quick question :) What would you choose SLI/Crossfire setup or single high-end card? Which is more reliable and powerful?

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2 Immortal on Apr 18, 2012
Level 9 Depends on your needs i guess, but I`ll always count on SLI with High End GPUs :) you double the processing power...especially useful for rendering(or bruteforcing :) )
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5 DaddyChicken on Apr 21, 2012
Level 5 I prefer a single high end video card. I have done the SLI thing, and I have to say the power requirements are just nuts. But again, depends on your needs. I prefer one high end card vs. 2 mid range sli or cross fire.
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7 sgrinavi on Apr 25, 2012
Level 4 Single is more reliable and consistent, hands down... but you can often run a pair of previous gen cards to equal the flagship current gen cards. For example when the GTX580 came out it was getting beat by a pair of 460's in SLI for significantly less money.​/GPU11/188
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22 WingMan on May 22, 2012
Level 6 Not all games benefit from SLI, but every game benefits from a high end GPU. And you can always grab one more down the road if you so desire.

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