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Best mobile OS

Posted by shafboy on Aug 18, 2011

Hey I want to know people's overall opinions on the best Mobile OS and why they think it is the best.


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Reply Level 2 1 ChiX017 on Aug 18, 2011

The truth is, it's all about personal prefrence:
Android - if u want full customisation & the most features of all but could be a lil annoying
IOS - Straight forward, with the largest app collection which means more functions
Windows phone 7 - Brilliant UI, bringin the info u need most 2 d surface(Live Tiles), easy 2 use, not much apps but makes up in function...hope it's helpful?

Reply Level 3 3 shafboy on Aug 19, 2011

That is very true what you just said, opens into a new insight to me.. thanks!

Reply Level 4 2 leviathan on Aug 19, 2011

My fanboiness screams iOS, but I have to admit I like Android as well.

I've been looking at both platforms for quite some time now, and figured that either OS holds no real power without an appropriate hardware. That would include the way the phone is designed, as well. I can see myself playing with a nice Galasy S II, but the that's because I really like the hardware and the design, but not so much the OS.

Based on the fact that everyone of us has it's own vision about beautiful design and good software, my personal choice will be iOS, since it have an equal shares of both.

Reply Level 3 4 shafboy on Aug 19, 2011

Do you not think that iOS doesn't give you enough personalisation tools though?
And what are your opinions on Windows phone and Blackberry?

Reply Level 4 7 leviathan on Aug 24, 2011

shafboy, haven't really used WP7 or BB phone long enough to say anything worth reading. Share your thoughts about the personalisation tools in iOS. What you'd like to see improved?

Reply Level 3 9 shafboy on Aug 25, 2011

Well, sort of like the Jailbroken stuff, but what I'm thinking is when iOS 5 comes out it will be fine.

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Reply Level 5 5 Dexter on Aug 23, 2011

iOS please. It's smooth, it's easy to use, it is well thought of and specifically targeted at using it without wasting time. And it is evolving, getting more native apps (top reason for me). Sure it is annoying that it's locked, but as a matter of fact I haven't seen non-jailbroken iOS soon. :) That's a few tiny reasons, that are important for me. Not to mention the apps and other goodies.

Reply Level 3 6 shafboy on Aug 24, 2011

But do you want YOUR phone to be based around your apps, or YOU?

And to be honest I would take an iPhone IF I didn't have an iPod or iPad, I just wanted something different (Windows Phone) and it turned out I made a brilliant choice, specially with Mango coming up!

Reply Level 2 8 ChiX017 on Aug 24, 2011

i'm only waiting for the Nokia 'searay' THEN i would jump into WP7, right now i just don't see any hardware running wp7 4 me :)

Reply Level 3 10 shafboy on Aug 25, 2011

Yeah, there is another Nokia coming out with WP7 - Nokia XXX

Not sure whether that's the 800 or a new device.

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