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Which phone shall I buy?

Posted by aeyque on Feb 04, 2012

Canada's carrier 'Rogers' is providing HTC Raider and Motorola Razr for $100. I am having a hard time in choosing a cell phone. Which one do you think will suite me as I am new to Android and I have never used HTC or Motorola before? I have used iPhone though and I love its 'touch'.

The features/things (or whatever) which matter to me are:
1. Touch
2. Speed
3. No Lagging
4. Reliable
5. Durable

Which one do you think is best in these features?

Please help me in this regard. I shall be very thankful.

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1 sgrinavi on Feb 04, 2012
Level 4 If you're expecting the an android device to feel like an ip4 then you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Those devices will get you a bigger display, great multi-tasking and a ton of options, but not the same feel as an iPhone.

With that said you should go to the store and try them both out, spec wise they are close enough that you won't really notice the difference in performance - it's going to come down to how you like HTC Sense vs MOTOblur and, of course, how each feels in your hand.

If those were my only two choices I would go with the HTC as I prefer their UI, they freely pass out a tool to unlock your boot-loader, you can change the battery and I just think the Razr feels funny in your hand.
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2 DaddyChicken on Feb 05, 2012
Level 5 A fellow Canadian....

My thoughts are this...

1. Do you have LTE? The RAZR is not an LTE phone, the Raider is. If you are new to smartphones - LTE is the future. It is in very limited areas now in Canada. That said, In Canada LTE is so "fringe" right now that I wouldn't hesitate to say get an HSPA device such as the RAZR, and next device look at LTE.
2. I just peeked at - the Raider is now $25; the RAZR is $99, and so is the Samsung Galaxy S2.
3. HTC Sense overlay on Android will present you with more lag than the Motorola user overlay.
4. The RAZR is gorgeous, thin, and solid. Build quality is solid. HTC is know for build quality, but call quality is weak compared to Motorola.
5. HTC is usually quicker for updates than Motorola.

I would suggest the RAZR over the HTC, but again, as mentioned above - go to a Rogers store, and play with both. Which ever feels better in hand, and user interface feels better - that's your winner. Don't let our opinions on phones pick the best for you. Ultimately you have to use it.
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4 aeyque on Feb 06, 2012
Level 2 LTE is available in Montreal. So, LTE wont be a problem for me. I love HTC's UI and Touch but have never tried Motorola's. Motorola's body is strong i.e. Gorilla glass, Kevlar body but HTC doesnt. These both cell phones have drawbacks and likable features. Its hard to choose. But as you said, I will sometime visit Rogers and play with both and see which one is better for me.. Thanks :)
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5 I.P.K. on Feb 06, 2012
Level 7 I know that DaddyChicken is Motorola fan :) but, according to my overall experience with HTC and Motorola, I would go for HTC phone. Sense 3.0 is really very well optimized.

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