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Help with choosing a platform for a new PC

Posted by Zangetsu on Jan 21, 2011

Hi guys, I'm finally on the market for a new desktop machine, but I'm not sure if should go for an Intel based system with i3-540 CPU or AMD with Athlon II 250. The primary usage will be internet and movies (probably 720p and 1080p content). The price difference between the two is $70 in favor of the AMD one. Is it worth it to buy the more expensive one considering my needs?

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2 zac25 on Jan 21, 2011
Level 2 I believe AMD will work perfectly for your needs. Consider getting above-basic graphics card and you can even play some games. ;-)
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4 Drifter on Jan 24, 2011
Level 2 I'd go for Intel if i were you. The price difference isn't that big, but you have the option to upgrade to more powerful stuff in the next couple of years.
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5 barryween on Jan 24, 2011
Level 3 I'd personally go for the best price/performance ratio within a set budget, rather than obsessing with brand names. Considering the main use being internet browsing and movie/music playback, I don't think there is a wrong choice to be made.
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8 Nexus_Core on Jan 26, 2011
Level 2 Go for the Intel one. I have both AMD and Intel systems at home and if you have the money spend it on Intel, but to tell you the truth both systems will be sufficient for your needs.
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12 FoShizzle on Feb 08, 2011
Level 3 Pretty much for what the PC is needed for you can choose what ever parts you want from the last couple of years and it will do you just fine. Both the Intel and AMD platforms will be more than adequate for your needs.

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