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good motherboard for this CPU

Posted by MilanFAN on Nov 16, 2010

Hi gadget fans...I have a question. A friend of mine will be assembling a new PC, and he is wandering which Mobo is good for this CPU. He will use only one GPU (nVidia - if that matters) and 4 GB DDR3 of RAM. I know that it's important to have a good compatibility between components so what are your advices?

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4 Zangetsu on Nov 26, 2010
Level 3 I'd suggest you go for the ASUS Sabertooth X58 its pretty good motherboard, or one of the enthusiast level Asus Republic of Gamers MBs. I'll just make one more suggestion. This type of CPU and X58 chipset come with Triple channel memory, so your friend will be better off with either 3x 1GB modules or 3x 2G than the 4GB he plans on using. Nice CPU choice btw.

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