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Car Head Units Questions & Answers

Dual XDMA6330BT Problem

Posted by jlolmfao on Jul 19, 2011

I've installed this deck by myself and done a crappy job. First off I did not tape the exposed wires and in result I blown the radio fuse in my car. When I first connected the wires together without taping them** before I blew the fuse** the deck was working it turned on and off but the radio didnt play. i could switch stations only to hear static. after i replaced the fuse i rewired them all together exactly as i did before, but now the face does not turn on or off and the disc was working, it only accepted and ejected the disc. so i asked a friend for help and told to connect the red wire with the yellow wire and it worked! but unfortunately the radio still does not play and the memory is not working. What did I do wrong? Please help!

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1 WingMan on Jul 20, 2011
Level 6 Probably you have a faulty antenna in your car or you forgot to connect it to the head unit. For the memory to work you need to connect the yellow cable to a constant 12V circuit (or directly to the car battery). If you connected it to the ignition the unit will work only when the key is in the car and won't remember the radio stations.
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2 jlolmfao on Jul 22, 2011
Level 1 thanks ill give it try

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