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Choosing a double din multimedia headunit

Posted by Helix on Feb 08, 2011

Hello, over the last couple of months I wanted to buy myself a double din multimedia headunit with a touchscreen and probably sat nav if the price is good. Can you guys recommend me not so expensive unit from a mojor brand and if possible with detachable screen.

p.s. Have anyone tried the Pioneer AVH-P4100DVD?

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2 Captain_Obvious on Feb 08, 2011
Level 2 If I remember correctly, the JVC KW-AVX730 has a detachable screen (the older KW-AVX-720 has one as well) and its price is pretty decent. However, I don't know how the unit sounds, I've had a couple of pioneers over the years and I wasn't disappointed from their sound, I've heard only good words for Alpine as well, but haven't had the chance to test one yet.
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3 cold on Feb 08, 2011
Level 2 JVC KW-AVX830 is a good double din multimedia head unit...take a look​et/23647/JVC+KW-AVX830/specs
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4 Golfman on Feb 09, 2011
Level 3 Clarion and Alpine...whatever you choose from these two manufacturers you won't be wrong. In my view, JVC make good mini sound systems, but not car audio.
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5 Drifter on Feb 10, 2011
Level 2 Alpine and Pioneer are both solid car audio brands which make amazing products for our entertainment. The price vary depending on the features you want the headunit to have. If the removable faceplate is a must for you, currently JVC makes the most affordable units with that feature. KW-AVX820/830/720/730
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6 cerealkiller on Feb 10, 2011
Level 2 Pioneer, Alpine and Clarion are your best bets for car audio players. I'd suggest going to your local car audio shop and comparing the sound of each one within your criteria. Also, I haven't seen a lot of GPS-enabled double-din players with detachable screens, so If security is your first concern either consider other brands (such as JVC) or look for DVD players that have motorized displays (haven't seen any with GPS). Like the Pioneer AVH-P6300BT.
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7 MilanFAN on Feb 10, 2011
Level 3 If you are scared for your unit, why don't you insure it. As far as I know, every insurance agent offer this feature. It's not worth to sacrifice quality only because of this.
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9 WingMan on Feb 14, 2011
Level 6 I'd recommend you look at the Clarion VX709E. It is one hell of a player.
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10 MilanFAN on Feb 14, 2011
Level 3 If I were you, I will wait for a car head unit with Android (devil)
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11 trespasser on Feb 14, 2011
Level 2 And dual-core. Even my new washing machine has dual-core+android. :))

Seriously now, it would be great to see such an advanced OS in a car audio player. Opens a lot of doors. And the DIY maniacs stuffing desktop PCs in their cars, will be having a tough time fighting that competition.

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