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Can I use soundbar with PC?

Posted by DragonForce on Nov 24, 2011

I don't want surround sound and was thinking of buying a soundbar. Is it worth buying and should I use it with subwoofer ? What will be the sound ?

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1 I.P.K. on Nov 24, 2011
Level 7 Don't think it's a good idea, because soundbars are made to be used with TVs. You watch TV from a bigger distance, than you watch your monitor. So the sound will not be very good. It's all my thoughts, I don't have real experience. Why you don't want surround sound?
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2 Immortal on Nov 24, 2011
Level 9 It will be better to just buy 2.1 ;)
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3 neverwill on Nov 25, 2011
Level 2 The soundbars are usually coming with surround sound capability anyway. If you take a look at some, you will see that most of 'em produce surround sound and pretty decent at that. In my opinion, the soundbars with or without subwoofers are either a complete 5/7.1 system replacement, in case you don't want the extra speakers and cable mess or just an addition to your current home theater setup.

Of course you can always hook one up to your PC and enjoy the sound, but in your case, I would recommend going for two powered bookshelf stereo speakers without a subwoofer unit. That is, of course, an alternative to the 2.1 systems, which are also a great option.

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