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Is its $ 60000.00 price really deserved?

Posted by Golfman on Aug 11, 2010

Wow... I recently read a review for this speaker and I was amazed....It reproduces awesome detailed sounds, it has the sweetest treble I will ever hear and 10hz bass response. So if U have $60000 to spare...will U buy it :)))


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Reply Level 2 4 StaticFX on Aug 12, 2010

woah, I remember seeing these YEARS ago (like... 1992?) and the design was almost the same. The sound was UNREAL (we were looking at surround sound systems). The price was $10K per speaker then. There really is not much better than B&W for sound....

Reply Level 3 5 Golfman on Aug 12, 2010

I think you are talking about B&W Nautilus 800, which is very old but they are not with the same design at all...and I've the chance to hear them and they were awesome, despite that the deepest bass requires the help of a my view :)

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