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First impressions - excellent

Posted by Crossblade on Jun 10, 2010

I heard these speakers at a Hi-End audio expo .. they were some of the most affordable models out there (they are about $20k), so I really compared them with some serious rivals, costing 3-5-6 times more (yeah, that's more than $100 000 for a pair)!

First, I loved how they look. Even before hearing them and before knowing their price, I said that they look so good that I can have them even if they sound bad - just to look at them.

However, they are great because they sound great as well. The bass is really powerful and deep. The sound stage is well focused and they have a good detail and play SWEET the music you throw at them.

I think they are excellent speakers and really bang for the buck.

Have you heard them or any of the other models in the series? What do you think?
And do you like their design or it is just me?


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