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Posted by gizmootis on Mar 05, 2010

The displaty is flickering...Any one else have this issue?

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2 Ari846 on Mar 08, 2010
Level 2 Sorry not to address your issue, but I was just wondering what people thought of the kindle vs the barnes and noble nook.
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3 cindergayle on Mar 08, 2010
Level 2 I have had a Kindle for a year now with no problems. I suggest that you contact Amazon customer service. They are usually great. Another place to ask help questions is on the Kindleboards. It is a great source for anything Kindle related.
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4 cellphonesareevil on Mar 14, 2010
Level 2 I never wanted one till I played with it. Pretty nice. I think I will treat myself.
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5 loraeb on May 04, 2010
Level 2 I love my Kindle! The only downside is you can't read it on the beach if it starts to rain.

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