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Does it really has issues?

Posted by Chubaka on Sep 08, 2011

I'm going to buy this keyboard, but I've read it has issues with the keys. Sometimes keys don't register presses. Has someone use it and know something more about this problems?

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1 Dexter on Sep 12, 2011
Level 5 According to TomsHardware, the following range were acknowledged as defective by Razer:

MT0803, MT0802, MT0801, MT07.

Also some guy from Razer said it was affecting just a couple of hundred users, but you never know. It appears the original problems were not the key press, but lack of repeat when holding the key down, as well as various malfunctions of the touch pad at the top right hand side of the device. Anyways, If a problem occurs, your device should be replaced free of charge. Oh, If you happen to find new one available somewhere, it would most probably be just fine, as the affected ones were manufactured in 2007.
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2 Immortal on Sep 12, 2011
Level 9 I don`t think that a manufacturing defect should worry you...Razer are quite high-end and I`m sure the warranty will cover it if there is a bug indeed

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