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which phone to buy...????

Posted by hardik_h27 on May 20, 2012

Hi guys i am Hardik i want to buy a basic smartphone and i am a bit confused between Samsung galaxy pocket and Samsung wave Y both cost nearly same.

now apart from operating system which is better the choice and why????

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1 thegrinreaper on May 20, 2012
Level 2 i would not recommend the pocket simply because of the screen size.its too small to run a Wave Y is a BADA OS run phone so please dont buy it

the best entry level smart phone for you would be : SAMSUNG GALAXY Y

please do not buy a cheaper friend has has got galaxy Y for Rs.6800/- which should fit your budget..please do some offline digging as well don't rely on online prices only
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4 WingMan on May 22, 2012
Level 6 Get the Android one. There are a lot more available applications for it than for BADA.
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9 DaddyChicken on May 29, 2012
Level 5 Samsung Galaxy Y is a great entry level device. The Nexus One (previous generation) may be also had at a steal. Also, if you can find an original Atrix on Ebay consider that.
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11 Lanika on Jun 21, 2012
Level 1 Dont use pocket bcoz it would have smaller display and I dont prefer this suitable.

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