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Mirror Link

Posted by MattBrady on Mar 01, 2012

Has anyone heard of this Mirror link stuff? The Car Connectivity Consortium is providing a new way to connect a phone to your vehicle. Check it out here​nology.html
Has this been implemented in a phone yet?

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1 I.P.K. on Mar 02, 2012
Level 7 This looks really nice, but can't you just connect your phone to your navigation and use it as a display extender?
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2 Dexter on Mar 02, 2012
Level 5 Sounds great, but this is the first time I hear about it. I guess it should be adopted by vehicle manufacturers first, so they can start fitting in large enough touch-sensitive displays. It will probably eliminate the need of having a cd/dvd drive for playing music as it is all on smartphones and mp3 players now. Also the stand alone GPS devices. Pretty excited about that.

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