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What is Supertab?

Posted by aeyque on Feb 14, 2012

I was just surfing on different Canadian mobile phone websites and saw the supertab thing. what is this? As the websites said that I will not have to sign contract. just pay my cell phone price by using phone i.e. 10% of the bill will go to my cell phone payment. Does this mean that if I use $ 20/month then $2 will go to my supertab. ONLY $2? then will I have to used my phone for 100 months to pay for a phone of $200?? is this correct? Also, what do you think is better, supertab or whole contract?

Thanks in advance..

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1 Jason on Feb 14, 2012
Level 2 You are talking about Virgin Mobile, right? This "feature" pays for your phone while you own it. Every month 10% of your bill is payed towards the Supertab and so on until the phone is paid-up.
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2 aeyque on Feb 15, 2012
Level 2 Yes, Virgin Mobile, Koodo and Wind Mobile. The question is; if only 10% is paid then it will take so many months until the while price of cell phone is paid. If I am using $20/month then 10% is just $2. It will take so much time... Dont you think?
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3 superuser on Feb 15, 2012
Level 3 I believe this is exactly what they want you to do -- stick with them longer (without mentioning the word contract, though). As far as I understand this, if you get an iPhone 4S 16GB ($649.99) you pay $159.99 and are left with $500 supertab amount to pay off. Considering you get $50 (the cheapest) plan, you'll have to pay for it max 10% ($5 each month) 8+ years. If you want to switch to another provider or get a new phone or just cancel, you'll have to pay your remaining supertab balance. So yeah, I think you should consider the contract option as well.
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4 aeyque on Feb 16, 2012
Level 2 I guess tab option is good for cheap cell phones.. While contracts are better than tabs for expensive ones..

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