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Is it worth buying a $250 case as opposed to a $30 one?

Posted by WingMan on Sep 19, 2011

What will these $220 more will give me, in my eyes a case is just a box with your hardware in it. What is the difference and what justifies the almost 10 times higher price tag?


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Reply Level 9 Hellbound​ 1 Immortal on Sep 20, 2011

Depending on your type of usage you pick your case....I basically don`t see the point of a normal home user spending 200$ for a case...the differences between the cheap and the expensive boxes are the design, the airflow(some include airfilters on the intake to prevent the dust accumulation in the case), noise insulation and the number of drive bays and basically thats it. So if you choose a cheap case which fits your needs(form factor, drive bays), and if you`re lucky lower noise emissions you won`t have any problems.

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Reply Level 2 2 Smoky on Sep 20, 2011

The main difference for me is the quality of the materials. Cheap are made of thin tin and plastic.

Reply Level 1 3 beatz2235 on Sep 20, 2011

I'll be more than happy with Antec 300 Black Steel ATX Mid-Tower.​Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129​042&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&AID=10446076&PID=3946032&SI​D=skim2305X575088X18b8ced62972​849440f4f06f​3a9f1a7e

At the price point of $59.99, nearly 4 times less than what's suggested in the first post, although not a $30 one. It's got the base for a entry-level gaming rig, has been designed with cooling in mind and does not look dirt-cheap. Plenty of expansion options, usb/audio front panel jacks, etc.

It all depends btw. One would be happy to spend +$100 on the design alone, I wouldn't.

Reply Level 3 4 raghu.s1432 on Sep 23, 2011

see feature also like cooling effect led lights power supply tats wat make it difference

Reply Level 7 Superuser​ 6 I.P.K. on Sep 27, 2011

Led lights can be installed in cheap cases and power supplies are sold I don't think these features are so important and unique..

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Reply Level 9 Hellbound​ 7 Immortal on Sep 27, 2011

I agree with I.P.K...LED lights are not a feature which is even taken into consideration when you choose a quality case :)

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Reply Level 3 5 Cyrax on Sep 26, 2011

The pricier cases generally have better materials like aluminum and aren't paper thin like the low end ones. The have features like screw less device installation (for example the HDD just clips in), better air flow with multitude of location for installing fan (some have them pre-installed), some have awesome design and place to install liquid cooling. Anyways, as Immortal said the regular user won't feel the benefit, but the power user and overclock junkies will definitely appreciate the extra features.

Reply Level 2 8 trespasser on Sep 28, 2011

Low noise level is top priority for me. I'd pay for quiet performance.

Reply Level 3 9 Trixey on Oct 03, 2011

There is ladies gaming case:​802/NZXT-Launches-Phantom-Big-Tower-Pink-Edition.html ..... it's pink and it's big :)

Reply Level 9 Hellbound​ 10 Immortal on Oct 04, 2011

Terrifying color :D

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