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Raspberry Pi as a media center, does it work?

Posted by WingMan on Jun 05, 2012

Have anyone tried using XBMC on the Raspberry Pi and how does it really perform? I've seen the promo video about this and seemed awesome. I'm planing to use the Pi as a networked media player with XBMC and DLNA, does it support CEC so I can use my TV remote, or I should get a specific one for the Pi?


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Reply Level 9 1 Immortal on Jun 07, 2012

I`ve got my RPi delivered 3 days ago and I`m still struggling with the settings I believe i`ll get it all fixed during the weekend. My overall impressions are that the projects is still too young to be used as a reliable Media center. You`ll for sure need some advanced electrical skills to get all the initial config. I`m currently struggling with a current drain from an otherwise supported usb wifi adapter. I`ll try the XBMS after I set everything up... I noticed that my TV recognizes the HDMI-CEC I saw a driver for that somewhere but I need to compile it.

It is a good cheap diy project but not very reliable for now

Reply Level 9 4 Immortal on Jun 12, 2012

Ok I`ve got the Open-elec XBMC running(Couldn`t get Raspbmc to work...) my overall impression is that it will work as a media center but the distribution is far from ready...there are many bugs but I guess this won`t be a problem in time. I still haven`t tested the HDMI-CEC but I will and I`ll post my impressions. Great quality of the movies on the hardware accelerated distribution though...

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