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What is the bare minimum you'd go with laptop display size?

Posted by superuser on Aug 02, 2011

I'm quite tempted on getting rid of my 15.something inch notebook and probably get a smaller one.

What would you recommend as the bare minimum for web surfing and occasional office work? In other words, would 13.something inch be easy to use (read, write) and are there specific models you have in mind (may be you've considered that as well)?



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Reply Level 6 1 WingMan on Aug 02, 2011

13-inch should be sufficient, personally I wouldn't go lower than that as working on a sub 13" screen for prolonged periods can be a pain in the neck. Some people are pretty happy with a 11" macbook air though.

Reply Level 9 2 Immortal on Aug 02, 2011

I think that I`d go for 11" if i have a good external screen for home usage

Reply Level 4 3 leviathan on Aug 03, 2011

No less than 13-inch for me. For my personal needs, 13-inch with good resolution (1366x768+) would be the optimal travel notebook. Paired with a good battery life makes it great for frequent travellers.

My top favorites in 13-inch segment:
- New SONY VAIO Z series (extended battery option)
- Lenovo ThinkPad X1
- Latest Apple MacBook Air

Reply Level 7 4 I.P.K. on Aug 03, 2011

14" with 1600x900 resolution is the way I like it :D

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