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Are notebooks on par with the desktop PC

Posted by Nitro on Jul 25, 2011

Recently I started noticing that in the last 1-2 years all of my friends ditched their trusty desktop computers in favor of a notebook. I am also one of the people who switched basically because nowadays you can get a descent gaming experience from a notebook without having to dedicate a special corner of your home for the desktop pc, desk, monitor and all of your peripherals. Do you think that the computer will be replaced with its mobile and lighter counterpart, or it will always be the platform of choice? What are you using and why?


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Reply Level 5 1 Crossblade on Jul 25, 2011

There will always be people who prefer working on a desktop. However, yes - you can get a really powerful notebook nowadays and really WORK or PLAY on it.

Reply Level 7 2 I.P.K. on Jul 25, 2011

I use notebook, because I like it more, but desktops will never die :)

Reply Level 3 5 raghu.s1432 on Jul 28, 2011

desktop can never dies

Reply Level 2 3 abdullahgulabi on Jul 25, 2011

I feel a good notebook + LCD + keyboard and mouse is the way to go. I have a HP dv3 with a good enough graphic card and I use only my notebook for 3D modelling (paired to my 32 inch LG tv.

Reply Level 9 4 Immortal on Jul 26, 2011

Nowadays everyone is going for portability(including me) I also think that powerful enough notebook and bigger Monitor/TV works great as a desktop replacement. I myself am using Acer 5742 connected to 32" Toshiba Regza and it works great from me

Reply Level 3 6 raghu.s1432 on Jul 28, 2011

i have never seen super notebook but i have seen super desktop computer, only in desktop u can do heavy things than y the hell many agencies invest so much in supercomputers........ notebook are nt upgrade able once bought finish u have buy new1 fr any upgrade in your mind.............

Reply Level 9 7 Immortal on Jul 28, 2011

I disagree, most of the notebooks on the market (middle class and higher) are upgradeable nowadays...and there are extremely powerful ones
Take Origin EON17 for example:​et/48305/ORIGIN+EON17
This is the basic configuration but it can be ordered with
GPU: 4GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® Quadro® 5010M
CPU:Intel® Xeon X5690 3.46GHz Hex-Core Processor (12MB L3 Cache))
RAM:24GB Triple Channel DDR3 - 1333Mhz
It is more powerful then 99,99% of the available desktop computers...
Everything in its configuration might be changed(upgraded) if you can find something more powerful, of course...

Reply Level 3 8 superuser on Aug 08, 2011

I switched from a desktop to notebook too. I wanted to be in possession of my music and tv shows/movies all around the place and on occasional trips I take from time to time, plus I've never been a heavy gamer so it didn't matter power-wise. Yeah, I'm missing the thrill of updating a component(s) every year or so, which I did for the last 3-4 years of owning a desktop, but y'know, we have to compromise :)

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