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DevilTech dubious Business practices

Posted by mix.delfin on Nov 17, 2012

I ordered from the company, DevilTech - High Performance Systems (, on 2 September a laptop and paid for it. After about four weeks, I got a message that the computer is delivered next week. After another two or three week, I got the same message. As I have been waiting for over two months, I have canceled the order on the 6 November. The next day I was asked to share my bank account details and made it at once. I waited a whole week to refund the money. But no message and no money received.
On 12 Nov. I received the following message:
The notebook will be shipped next week. The units are in service. For further questions please contact
Yours sincerely - Best regards
Stefan actuating drive - CEO

So I sent back a message with the message to transact the money transfer immediately, as I have called for a cancellation.
Here’s the answer (13.Nov):
The remittance is 10-12 working days after receipt of the cancellation.
Info: as an acceptable time for remittances. In Germany are even up to 4 weeks (20 working days)
I have asked the board of German Consumer Association and inquired what they think about this:
Here is the answer:
Dear Sir,
the situation you described, we have tested and can tell you that for a retention of client funds in case of cancellation is no legal basis. Rather, a repayment in doubt must be remitted immediately.
I send naturally again a message requesting to transfer the money and inserted a copy of the German consumer association.

An answer is still standing out.


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