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Suggest me a laptop

Posted by thegrinreaper on May 30, 2012

Hi,in the coming 2 months i m thinking of buying a new laptop

my price range varies from

my requirements

1) should run all the latest games(lets say skyrim on high graphics) and should be considerably future proof in the gaming and applications domain

2) should have atleast 14'' screen(yes i can compromise on the screen a little bit)

3) usable for Matlab,and other softwares used by Mechanical engineers

4)GPU,processor and future proofing are the main priorities

5)O.K. average battery life and should not have COLOSSAL heating issues

6)not gonna use it for music but should have average music quality for movie watching using headphones that is

7)Above average customer support(not level : dell but should be passable as good)
(i live in india BTW)

8)Value for money is important

9)webcam needed

10)i can wait for an extra period if an extremely good piece comes in the market

thank you(i cant extend my price tag by even one rupee)


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Reply Level 7 1 I.P.K. on May 31, 2012

I don't believe such laptop exists. If you find one, please tell me....laptop and future proof...LOL :D:D:D

Reply Level 3 24 raghu.s1432 on Sep 26, 2012

u are right their is such laptop exists in market so oly i'm also waiting

Reply Level 2 3 thegrinreaper on May 31, 2012

is there any desktop that's even remotely portable(non-mac)

i don't need exactly future proof....that was just relative...
i just don't want a laptop that becomes obsolete tomorrow

Reply Level 6 4 WingMan on Jun 01, 2012

I notebook with a GPU that can run skyrim on high graphics costs at least 20-30% more.

Reply Level 2 8 thegrinreaper on Jun 06, 2012

Asus K55VM-SX086D / 3rd Generation Core i7 / 8 GB / 1 TB / Free DOS
what about this one.....with a little digging i found this 1
please tell if any other laptop in the same range(lower or same) offers better performance.

Reply Level 7 9 I.P.K. on Jun 06, 2012

Well, the notebook looks nice. The specs are great. The video card is not bad, so you can play cool games. Does it fit your price range?

Reply Level 2 10 thegrinreaper on Jun 06, 2012

i saw another laptop with intel i5 and better GPU(GT640M or ATI 7730)which would be better
1)good processor + avg graphic card
2)above average processor + good graphic card

Reply Level 7 11 I.P.K. on Jun 07, 2012

I would choose 2) with Nvidia graphic card :)

Reply Level 2 12 thegrinreaper on Jun 07, 2012


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