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Affordable 1080p projector?

Posted by Dexter on Dec 02, 2011

Hi guys, what would you recommend for home theater projection device? Something affordable, with ceiling mount option?


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Reply Level 3 1 Nitro on Dec 02, 2011

Optoma HD20 has pretty positive reviews and it is around $800. I'd recommend that you give it some research :)​m/optoma/hd20/index.php

Reply Level 7 2 I.P.K. on Dec 05, 2011

Yeah, Optoma HD20 maybe, is one of the best projectors that meets your criterias

Reply Level 3 3 Cyrax on Dec 05, 2011

I saw a comparison on the web recently between the Optoma HD 20 and Vivitek H1080FD. Both are nice for the price, but the vivitek has the edge in lots of categories.​0-1080p-projector-battlemodo-optoma-hd20-vs-vivitek-h1080fd

Reply Level 9 4 Immortal on Dec 05, 2011

Also Panasonic PT-AR100U is not a bad choice but it costs 400$ more than the Optoma...​et/55710/Panasonic+PT-AR100U

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