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Wireless mouse for it a good idea?

Posted by Gamester on Dec 01, 2011

What about wireless mice for gaming? Do they have accuracy problems while gaming? What about battery lifetime?

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3 WingMan on Dec 01, 2011
Level 6 Its no problem with some mice, but you should really go for a high end gaming device if it is wireless, most have wireless polling at around 8ms. The Razer Mamba has 1ms which is the same as their wired products. And when you get low on battery you can just snap the USB cable and continue playing. Both of the above mentioned have 1ms polling as well so you will be fine with any of them.
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1 leviathan on Dec 01, 2011
Level 4 Wireless technology is pretty advanced nowadays and I don't think there will be any reception loss issues. There are little over 10 gaming devices I can see in the finder here, couple of which -- pure pro-gaming devices. Like the Cyborg R.A.T 9 and Roccat Pyra Wireless. Apart from the battery changing annoyance, these look legit to me.

Battery times not so great. The R.A.T 9 for instance is rated up to 9 hours continuous gaming, up to 4 days normal use. But it comes equipped with a charging dock, so you can recharge it over night.
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2 I.P.K. on Dec 01, 2011
Level 7 Only battery lifetime can be an issue, but you can always have spare batteries :)

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