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NUVISION NVU47FX5 no stand included?

Posted by rebussmile on Jul 05, 2011

I just bought an nvu47fx5. the seller tells me that it does not come with a base.
Is there any product to make it stand up on a chest of drawers?

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1 Immortal on Jul 06, 2011
Level 9 I couldn`t find stands for sale anywhere, but I can reccomend you another solution. Use the VESA and just buy a compatible wall mount. You can see a list of compatible mounts here:​dyn/Products/​px/av/10833
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2 ndroid on Jul 06, 2011
Level 3 One more site that deals with table top flat panel stands -​roduct.asp?PartId=1163. Also from the site Immortal suggested above, a table top stand specifically for NVU47FX5 -​dyn/Products/BrowseProduct.asp​x/tn/297/u/t/av/10833
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3 rebussmile on Jul 06, 2011
Level 2 The problem isn't a stand .The unit has no base. Where I am it isn't possible to wallmount.
So I am stuck with a unit that is basically worthless to me.
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4 rebussmile on Jul 06, 2011
Level 2 I will check with the company you suggested. Thank you.
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5 Immortal on Jul 06, 2011
Level 9 Did you check the links whick @ndroid posted? I believe the first one will work for your needs. One other suggestion try to return it to the seller...the base must be included in the package it is not sold separately...
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7 Crossblade on Jul 06, 2011
Level 5 Google for Vesa Mounting Stands. It will be a stand that will attach to the standard VESA holes on the back of the screen (as the wall mounting stands, but one for a desk/table).
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8 rebussmile on Jul 06, 2011
Level 2 I am checking the links one has mounts at 450.00 somewhat expensive the other I'm still trying. As far as returning it the seller claims nuvision products don't come with base as 4/5of their customers wall mount.
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9 rebussmile on Jul 06, 2011
Level 2 299.00 from stands and mounts. That is a hell of an expense just keep it from falling over .
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10 rebussmile on Jul 06, 2011
Level 2 I tried calling nuvision ,no response mailbox full.
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13 rebussmile on Jul 07, 2011
Level 2 I am after much good advice taking immortals advice and choosing not to spend 300 for a base . I am sending it back thanks to everyone for assistance.

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