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LCD vs Plasma, which of the two is better?


Posted by WingMan on May 25, 2011

Hello, I'm on the market for a new slim TV, but with so many options it is hard to choose, especially when I don't know which of the two tech should I get. Plasma or LCD, which of the two is better?


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Reply Level 2 2 zac25 on May 25, 2011

IMO the plasma is more suitable for TV, less for PC screen, higher power consumption, usually heavier and thicker. LCD with LED backlight technology - slim profile, energy efficient, good enough for TV if you get 100+Hz model... Again, budget and usage will give you the answer.

Reply Level 3 3 Cyrax on May 25, 2011

Generally plasma screens provide better overall picture with faster refresh rates than most LCD screens and are best suited for movies, but as zac25 said, if you are going to be using it for pc screen as well, go for LCD. Plasma displays don't like still images.

p.s. LCD's are cheaper :)

Reply Level 2 4 FlameDemon on Sep 26, 2011

Plasma provides darker black color. LCD with LED back-lit & edge LED are very good right now in terms of picture quality. They're not only 100Hz refresh rate but up to 120Hz and 200Hz with the affordable and reasonable price, e.g. Sharp Aquos (4 colors, really vivid and real, the best choice in Japan), Sony & Samsung comes after it.

But in case of sound quality, you should purchase a home theater package including 5.1/ 7.1/ 7.2 speakers & an amply, so that the sound is real. If you don't care about the sound, those current TVs today have virtual surround sound already.

Reply Level 7 5 I.P.K. on Sep 29, 2011

LCD + edge LED is my choice. And if I was you, I would look around for some smart TV, but depends on how much $ you have :)

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