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Best sounding headphones for a student?

Posted by ChiX017 on Aug 14, 2011

What's the best headphones for a student, that is cheaper than beats but of the same sound quality?

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1 I.P.K. on Aug 15, 2011
Level 7 Sennheiser HD448 or Audio Technica M50. First ones are with truly stunning sound and ideal dorm room cans for sound quality aficionados on a budge. Second ones are for much more musical audio performance, they slay most other headphones anywhere near the price, also fully collapses for transit......Sennheiser HD448 cost around $70 and Audio Technica M50 - $140
4 ChiX017 on Aug 18, 2011
Level 2 Thinking beats studios..thanks a lot!
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3 shafboy on Aug 18, 2011
Level 3 I have tried Beats and they sound the best to me, however Sennheisers are extremely good as well and aren't as expensive. So if you are looking for price value too, go for Sennheisers. Bose make headphones with the same quality sound as Sennheisers to me, but their loudspeakers are brilliant. So if you don't care about your price, go for Beats but if money is a matter, get Sennheisers. I use Sennheisers now and they are brilliant.

Hope this helps!
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5 Dexter on Aug 30, 2011
Level 5 The SOL Republic headphones are getting some positive attention -​et/52701/SOL+REPUBLIC+Tracks

The guys behind the new brand has something in common with the Beats too, so you might wanna check'em out. :) Price around $100 for a pair.

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