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Posted by aeyque on Feb 18, 2012

I was just going through some headphones and I saw a measuring "in mm" written in the end of the name of headphones. What does this mean? Quality? Length? What?

Here are some examples;​s/stores/servlet/CategoryDispl​ay?categoryId=1001074&storeId=​20153&langId=200&catalogId=100​803&N=4294953957

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1 leviathan on Feb 20, 2012
Level 4 That must be the driver size. Presumably bigger driver will have better bass.

From one model of the above selection: "... the extra-large 30mm Extra Bass diaphragm driver units accurately reproduce ultra-low frequency sounds and deliver powerful, deep bass reproduction."
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2 I.P.K. on Feb 20, 2012
Level 7 yeah, it's about driver diameter

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