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What is the price of Apple iPad 3

Posted by nick_bajwa on Mar 10, 2012

what is the price of apple ipad 3

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1 xrw960mg on Mar 10, 2012
Level 2 Wi-Fi only:
$499 for 16GB,
$599 for 32GB and
$699 for 64GB.

Wi-Fi + 4G:
$629 for 16GB,
$729 for 32GB and
$829 for 64GB.
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3 nick_bajwa on Mar 12, 2012
Level 2 but when its arring to india apple ipad 3
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4 Immortal on Mar 14, 2012
Level 9 As far as i read the price will be Rs. 69,999 for the 32GB version and it will arrive at 16 march

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