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Is ipad 3 gona make people mad?

Posted by nick_bajwa on Mar 10, 2012

What you think friends?

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8 DaddyChicken on Mar 14, 2012
Level 5 tablets have a purpose. They just aren't the be all end all yet. I quite enjoy my android tablet. It is the original Transformer. I can't see myself rushing out for a new iPad anytime soon. Maybe I am not a typical customer, but I think once you have a tablet, it is fine until it doesn't do what you need it to any longer. But, they do make really impressive devices.
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1 nick_bajwa on Mar 10, 2012
Level 2 tell me ur vies frnds apple ipad 3 gna make ppl crazy or not like iphone 4 nd 4s
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2 sgrinavi on Mar 10, 2012
Level 4 I don't think it's going to be as big of a hit as the iP4s. People need a phone and Apple makes an amazing device, but it's hard to justify the expense for what is, for most people, a toy.

I think over the next few years as tablets replace computers for casual use you will see that turn around a bit, but for this release... not quite.
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4 Dexter on Mar 12, 2012
Level 5 It sure is a large iPod, but it is well made, with wide variety of apps and imo it is the perfect media gadget. Not only at home, but everywhere. Now with it's better graphics, super HD display and the same 9 hours of whatever you like to do, for the same price as the old generation -- sounds like a good deal to me.
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6 Habib on Mar 13, 2012
Level 1 The iPhone screen is too small to do some serious work on the go. That's where the iPad comes in.

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