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What do you think about Razer's gaming tablet concept - Project Fiona?

Posted by barryween on Jan 12, 2012

The Project Fiona tablet looks promising, but will it get to the production stage? What do you think?

I remember they had another portable gaming gadget, that I haven't heard about since the announcement - the Switchblade concept.


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Reply Level 3 1 MilanFAN on Jan 13, 2012

These guys just have ideas and projects...I think this one will be like the other.....not coming to the market

Reply Level 9 2 Immortal on Jan 14, 2012

It will remain only a concept in my opinion...every CES they announce something similar and it never gets to mass production

Reply Level 7 3 I.P.K. on Jan 16, 2012

They have such great's a shame they don't release them :(

Reply Level 1 4 Spogy on Jan 22, 2012

I reckon it'd be great if the game controllers were detachable.
Also, Intel i7 processor? Fantastic! But what about battery life?

Reply Level 4 5 leviathan on Jan 23, 2012

It actually seems pretty thick, so I guess it will be equipped with proper battery for it's impressive specs. If it gets to the production line, anyway...

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