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Synology DiskStation DS212 Pro Reviews

bjorn3d‘s review Edit

The DS212 is a great performer to start and when paired with some strong fast drives we can really see what this unit is capable of. Take from that and add the fact that there are an almost endless amount of features beyond just storage that this unit can do and it really has some great added value. This unit can do everything from being a network storage, to a backup station, media station, music station, iTunes server, FTP server, database server and a whole lot more. No product is perfect, and this one falls prey to its biggest drawback. The price is extremely high when considering that the unit comes without drives. This is one thing that needs to be considered when looking to purchase. Adding the price of the drives onto the $300 for the DS212 comes to a hefty investment. However, the price of building a whole new system for backup is much higher. Additionally, the fact that the unit can almost be plugged in and run with minimal setup makes it just that much more appealing. Anyone looking for a network storage or even a light duty server setup should consider the DS212.
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Jan 04, 2012

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