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Sony PSVITA specs

We are currently working on upgrading our specs, but here are some short details.

CPU - ARM Cortex-A9 core (4 core)

GPU - SGX543MP4+

ExternalDimensions - Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth)

Screen (Touch Screen) - 5 inches (16:9), 960 x 544, Approx. 16 million colors, OLED

Multi touch screen (capacitive type)

Rear Touch Pad - Multi touch pad (capacitive type)

Cameras - Front camera, Rear camera

Sound - Built-in stereo speakers, Built-in microphone

Sensors - Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope,
three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass

Location - Built-in GPS

Wi-Fi location service support

Keys / Switches:
PS button
Power button
Directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left)
Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square)
Shoulder buttons (Right/Left)
Right stick, Left stick
START button, SELECT button
Volume buttons (+/-)

Wireless Communications:
Mobile network connectivity (3G)
IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1x1)(Wi-Fi)(Infrastructure mode/Ad-hoc mode)
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP)

also know as: Sony Next Generation Portable, Sony NGP, Sony PlayStation Vita, Sony PSP 2

If you are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Game Consoles specs database licensing page.


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